Deaifis Advocates and Legal Consultants signs MOU with Al Mir Law Office


In keeping with strategies to cooperate with regional experts in the legal consultancy and legal affairs fields, UAE-based Deaifis Advocates and Legal Consultants has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Al Mir Law Office, which is based in Lebanon.



According to the Memorandum, the two firms will exchange expertise, cooperate on legal affairs and enhance the performance of their respective employees through seminars, conferences and workshops concerned with legal affairs, while also representing clients and providing them with legal services and consultations for their businesses and investments in the UAE and Lebanon.



Says Abdullah Deaifis of Deaifis Advocates and Legal Consultants: "We are happy with the agreement with Al Mir Law Office as we seek to broaden our horizons and stretch our skills and experiences by participating in workshops Audemars Piguet Equation of Time Replica and seminars, in addition to preparing and publishing studies and research on various pivotal legal topics and consultancy. The Memorandum also represents a window of opportunity through which we can exchange our experience in the UAE with law offices abroad. We look forward to a long-term, fruitful cooperation with Al Mir Law Office."

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Mahmoud Al Mir of Al Mir Law Office agrees: "We too are happy with the agreement with Deaifis, and seek to establish ourselves in the UAE while building a strong base for Deaifis in Lebanon and the Near East. Today we lay the cornerstone to a long-term relationship, one that was formed two and a half years ago, and which is built on open-mindedness and professional standards. "The Replica Chopard professional and legal cooperation between us today will help us combine our vast experience, spanning four decades in the field of Law in Lebanon, with the professional and legal variety offered by Deaifis in the UAE. This, in turn, will allow us to provide the best wide-ranged legal services to our clients. We hope that this cooperation will pave the way for a solid relationship that will open the door for future success."


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