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DEAIFIS Advocates & Legal Consultants has served the United Arab Emirates’ business and government sectors for over a decade. We have won countless cases and advised some of the nation’s most prominent figures on matters of law from establishing new ventures to the merger & rolex Replica acquisition of established corporations; and we have resolved hundreds of disputes ranging from divorce to property ownership issues to breaches of contract and so on.

Deaifis has experience in virtually every sector: government, banking & finance, real estate, manufacturing, aviation & logistics, telecommunications & utilities, consumer goods and others. Our lawyers have practiced their profession throughout the Middle East and North Africa; and our knowledge of the laws that apply to the United Arab Emirates has made us the preferred counsel of businesses and government leaders throughout the nation.


Abdullah Deaifis established the firm in 2003. Although it was headquartered in the emirate of Sharjah, Abdullah and his team of 3 handled cases in all 7 emirates, the others being Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras al Khaimah. The files were primarily corporate and criminal in nature; however,by 2005 the team was asked to address intricate issues in finance, insurance, aviation and real estate. As a result, Deaifis brought expert lawyers on board that addressed the unique requirements of the market. As the economic crisis hit the region in 2008, Abdullah again adapted the practice’s offering bringing in stronger back office support and researchers for the increase in litigation requirements. As the business environment begins to stabilize, the Deaifis practice is well positioned to successfully navigate the UAE’s evolving legal system.


We will earn our clients’ trust through the efficiency of our operations, the knowledge of our attorneys and the results of our actions.

founder's message

Abdullah Ibrahim Deaifis
Founder & Managing Parnter

Few nations in the region have developed their legal infrastructure at the rate the United Arab Emirates has over the past decade; and we have been fortunate to be a part of this evolution. The Emirates is at a cross-road where East meets West - where multinationals have set up regional bases of operation, where people of every cultural background are raising their families, and where our own unique Gulf Arab trading environment makes the task of understanding and upholding the law all the more demanding. It is a challenge my team and I have taken on for 13 years.

We have a strong success rate because our lawyers, litigators and researchers apply a

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judicious study of the law and a careful review of the facts before taking any action


Earning our client's trust has been, and continues to be, our primary goal. Although no one can guarantee the outcome of a judge's ruling or an arbiter's verdict, clients need to feel that every possible avenue has been covered from the drafting of a contract to the conclusion of an agreement. Everything we do at our practice is designed to help build that confidence; and the results speak for themselves. We welcome anyone to check our track record and verify our skills, or simply visit our offices for some Arab hospitality."


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